Send the debugging files to us via email (or setup a place where we can download it if it's too big).
You can find the debugging files on:
  • /Portals/0/Logs/SharpScheduler folder (note that this is your portal home directory, so it may look different but you get the idea)
When submitting debugging information to us for investigation, please make sure to provide the following:
  • Steps to reproduce the error, if possible.
    Admin access to your site to reproduce the issue ourselves would be even better.

  • If an error occurs, go to Admin > Event Viewer and locate the error message along with the Stack Trace; for the error to be relevant, the Stack Trace must contain the word SharpScheduler.

  • DNN version and Sharp Scheduler version.

  • Export the SQL Tables for us to review.
    Usually you can just open tables in view mode, select all and copy in clipboard, then paste to excel.